Virtual Language


June 30, 2006
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Words will, on occasion find their way to a fixed position upon a page, but their origin is elsewhere, always.

Deep within the forest that is our mind, we gather clusters of words to form language. On occasion we will verbalize it. We can of course communicate this way with one another.  Such communication requires basic skills to do well.

There is a richer form of communication that conveys images and to which we can attach our life experiences and see a bit of something that is a collaborative effort of the writer and the reader.  Both giving something to the picture that we see in print.

It is an art form.  It takes on shapes, images, smells, color and emotion, coming alive before our eyes. It is poetry… the virtual language of all cultures and all generations.

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Michael Wells is a Missouri native with a passion for poetry, baseball, the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco bay area in general. He is married and has four children. Michael's poetry has been published in three anthologies as well as the Rockhurst Annual Arts Review, The Park University Scribe, The Examiner and various on line venues.